July 18th 2002, Mr. Hu Jintao, the former president of P.R China visited SUNPA and gave important instructions .

   This is the best I've seen, Unlike other telemedicine networks in China, SUNPA features extremely high technology. It not only provides patients the convenience and enhances the quality of medical service, but also saves the experts the fatigue of travelling, time and costs. It is a real good project. In fact you have built a large network platform and have reached somewhere, if such networks were built in different parts of the country, it would mean repetition of the same thing and waste of resources. to avoid such repetition your network needs to be extended nationwide expert resources of the country can be best utilized. For project like this, having SUNPA is enough for the whole countryOn October 6th,2004,Mr.Wen Jiabao, former member of the standing Committee  of the Political Bureau and former premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, commented when visiting the company:

   “Your system is indeed a 'project for the people 'as it integrates medical and information technologies in a way to make full use of medical resources and facilitate exchanges between medical and other fields”.

   “National Commission for Development and Reform has made a wise decision in setting this project in western China.”

   “Western regions stand in great shortage of medical resources. Your system enables people living in these regions to get the best diagnosis and treatment without ever leaving home.”

   “One outcome of what l said about 'facilitating exchanges between medical and other fields' is the enhancement of overall level of medical care and training of medical personnel.”

   “The SUNPA Telemedicine System is a project that provides convenient services to people. lt combines medical treatment and information technology to make full use of medical resources and facilitate exchanges between medical and other fields and it is good for training medical staff and improving their treatment skills. This project is especially significant in West China,so  l hope you will continue to do it with all your efforts and turn it into a project of the people and for the people.”

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