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SUNPA Training
   SUNPA has establishedan advanced talent training plan to stimulating potential, building the interest, providing best working hours with a competitive salary, we respect knowledge, respect personal differentiation, we respect personal choice, those are the fundamental requirement for sustainable development of SUNPA.

Acquiring world-class talent
   SUNPA insists with the dual-responsibility training principle , whereas each employee of SUNPA shall responsible to himself and responsible to SUNPA, with the abundant capital, advanced management method and superior talent training system to attract world-class talent to join SUNPA, we have built a long term relationship with universities for personnel training plan to welcome you grow with us.

Retaining world-class talent
   SUNPA will help you to stimulate your best interest and potentialto  help you to get into the right position, to let you realize your self-value and show your best ability.

Developing Talent
   Stable working team is the best wealth SUNPA pursuing, SUNPA cares about personnel from salary, rewarding method and set out financial plan to help employees to achieve the dreams of life. In here, you will experience a whole new life with SUNPA’s everyday progress, here, we integrate the world-class personnel together with you to creat a better future.

SUNPA Talent Plan
   Coming Soon!