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Position:Recruitment C/C++ Software Engineering by SUNPA Group

  • Branch:SUNPA Group
  • Department:II Software Dept

Location:Yunnan Kunming


Recruiting Company: SUNPA GroupDepartment: II Software Dept.
City: Kunming

Recruiting Requirement:
Work Experience: 2 years or above
Education: Community college or above in science and engineering (The education requirement will be based on the logic thinking ability of the applicant)
Job Vacancy: C/C++ Software Engineering
Salary: Average 4,000 to 6,000, maximum 7,000 to 12,000
Benefits: Employee insurance + performance + bonus
Language: Computer English
Number of Recruiting: 70

Job Requirement:
1. 2 years or above work experience on C/C++ development of flushbonading or application
2. Be familiar with development environment of windows, Linux or Unix
3. Be familiar data structure and algorithms
4. The one has good programming specification
5. be skillful in writing technical document
6. Be familiar with different kinds of coding and mode tools
7. Be familiar with communication protocol of base course, socket coding, multithread programming, shared memory, message queue and so on
8. Understand TCP/IP and HTTP
9. Understand database coding as MSSQL or Oracle
10. The one has good ability to comprehend, study, communicate and do team work
11. The one has certificate of software engineering (unnecessary)

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