High Blood Pressure Doesn’t Suitable for Long Distance Driving

Time:2013/8/22 0:00:00   Source:SUNPA Group

   There are many drivers have different kinds of CVD. It induced such as heart disease or apoplexy that coursed death to the

   People should highly centralize their attention especially driving on highway. Keeping tension will stimulus sympathetic
nerve rising blood pressure, vasospasm, blood flow reducing and myocardial ischemia. Once the way block up, drivers are easy to
get fidget and anger. The blood will surge up to he heart and increase blood pressure, which won’t be stooped by hypotensive
drugs. Besides, there are more and more people completely rely on cars but walking. Their legs are basically in the status of
‘disuse’ and caducity. The heart has to beating much harder to make blood flow back from legs. It will be blocked till the long
time driving and course pulmonary embolism.

   The drivers who got problems should be careful. Firstly, do not drive to long. You should rest 10 to 15 minutes after every 2
or 3 hour driving, and get some water. Secondly, to listen music and sing with it when you meet traffic problem. Keep the windows
closed to stop off gas which probably injure your health. Thirdly, don’t drive more than 3 days a week. To control your
condition by doctor advising.

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