How Does A Chinese See A Doctor In America

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   There were many e-pals asked me about how a Chinese see a doctor in US. Here is the story.

   The America is not a welfare country and money is the premise to see a doctor. The government funds medical insurance for 65
years old and above, and the one who out of this condition should pay the insurance themselves. Companies will pay bigger part
for the employees, more or less. You have to pay 300 to 500 USD per month without a job, or much more if you are in bad
conditions. In America, many poor people don’t have medical insurance. Now, President Obama tries to reform part of the medical
system, and hope it would change lives for more people.

   Patient should use medical insurance card to see a doctor. The card contains information of your insurance company name,
insurance number and even how much you have to pay the appointment fee. The appointment fee will be decided by your insurance
type, and urgency is more expensive than normal one, so the better insurance the lower appointment fee. The economic crisis
influenced insurance a lot. The normal appointment fee changes from 5 USD to 15 USD; and urgency fee from 30 to 50 after it.

   In America, medical processing is: To meet a doctor who has one’s own private clinic and to take some testing as blood test,
blood pressure, urinalysis and so on. Testing sample will be sent to special institutions and report back to doctor. Basically,
patient has fixed doctor who is called ‘family doctor’ or ‘private doctor’ who will collect all your medical cases and
records. Of course, patient can change the doctor if it is dissatisfaction. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It makes doctors
treat patient well and I never heard patient gave red packet. The patient has the better type of insurance the more doctor can be
chosen. There is a ‘network’ where the patient could choose doctor with the limit of insurance type. It means it’s difficult
to choose an expert.

   How can a patient appoint an expert? For example, a patient got pulmonary problem, his doctor will give him an introduction
letter for meeting pulmonary expert.

   Do we have to go to hospital every time we are not well? The answer is depended on your condition. Appointment will be the
first step. Family doctor will judge if the patient need any ‘big activity’ such as surgery, gastro copy. Every doctor has
belonged hospital where they have more resources and equipment to treat patient. Beside it, doctors meet patients in their
clinic. Another situation is when a patient got urgency problem with family doctor working time is not 24 X 7, he can go to
urgency clinic in hospital directly.

   A good medical insurance is very important in America. The insurance company will pay your hospital bill. But a bad insurance
needs patient to pay part of the price, and it will be too expensive sometime. There were many cases that a rich people became
homeless after cured.

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