SUNPA International Training Workshop

Time:2010/5/4 0:00:00   Source:SUNPA Group

   This training workshop can accommodate 19 officials, senior academics and other senior personnel from 9 countries  such as South Africa, Philippines, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Algeria, and Brazil. Established in 1998, the Yunnan SUNPA has now become the leading enterprise in Chinese telemedicine and healthcare information; it is also one of the biggest telemedicine equipment manufacturers, service providers, and hospital information management software vendors in China. Noteworthy is the fact that in the middle of next year, construction of the SUNPA Telemedicine Base, in which has been invested 300 millions, is expected to be finished in Kunming. Then its influence will cover Western China, Southeastern Asia and South Asia. By the end of next year, the construction an even larger SUNPA Telemedicine Asian Center will be completed in Shanghai.

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