SUNPA Asian Telemedicine Center International Market

Time:2010/4/28 0:00:00   Source:SUNPA Group

After ten years SUNPA Image Tel Tech Co. Ltd (SUNPA) now owns over 80 kinds of independent intellectual property products, including telemedicine equipment utilizing world-beating technologies.

The successful construction of the SUNPA Asian Telemedicine Center will bring about an efficient international channel and a critical transmission focus for the USA, China and other Asian countries. Via the SUNPA Telemedicine Network, our company can export a series of telemedicine products with their own intellectual property and Chinese traditional and profound herbal medicine resources. These products have both the advantage of meeting international criteria and also lower costs. At the same time, China can work with a real-time, high quality expertise service from reputable experts in the US.  Other Asian countries will be able to enjoy the same high quality service using the SUNPA telemedicine network to access US expertise.

Southem Afr




Southeastern Asian countries

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