The Secretary of Party Leadership Group from Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department Li

Time:2016/12/9 0:00:00   Source:山灞集团

On March 23, the Secretary of Party Leadership Group of Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department, Li Hongmin and her coworkers visited Yunnan Provincial Telemedicine Center, Chairman and President of SUNPA Group, Liu Yong accompanied and communicated with them.

Li Hongmin and her coworkers visited Mobile Telemedicine Dynamic Images Examination System, Tele-multi-function Examination Terminal, Tele-surgery Guide System, Tele-ECG Inspection Tester, Digital Pathology Scanning System and Tele-smart Digital Pathology System; real time Tele-consultation and Tele-education. Then know about qualification, honors and development planning of SUNPA.

During the visiting, Secretary Li Hongmin mentioned dispute handling of Telemedicine, however, as Chairman Liu Yong introduced that SUNPA developed 18 years, and has already carried out more than one million cases of Tele-consultation, there’s no any dispute in the Tele-consultation; because SUNPA formulated and always implementexcellentstandardizing system and operational program under the medical requirement. Last year, National Health and Family Planning Commission issued requirements of doing Telemedicine for patients through Internet; SUNPA has the same view of Telemedicine rules and regulations with these requirements, then it also proved scientificandstrict Telemedicine of SUNPA.

Secretary Li Hongminadmired achievementof SUNPA, and took the development of Yunnan tourism culturefor example to discuss the innovative thinkingof SUNPA development with Chairman Liu Yong. She supports and encourages SUNPA to continuously grow, and then drive Yunnan new high-tech enterprises to develop.