Telemedicine – Erasing the Distance

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   There was a pregnant woman in Qujing, Yunnan had Tele-consultation from a famous expert in Guangzhou without travelling or

   The expert said that they used to go to some place far away to give consultation. It was tried and wasting time. We have to
leave patients here, too. It is much better by Telemedicine.

   The Tele-consultation was from People’s 1st Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Zhongshan University. The hospital is full of
famous physicians who could help more patients with the ‘life bridge’ – Telemedicine.

   The ‘face to face’ Tele-consultation saved her life.

   ‘She is in great danger; we have to keep her alive!’ The ICU Director Zeng Mian held the Tele-consultation to the patient
in Kunming, Yunnan without going out of Guangzhou.

   Director Zeng Mian is sitting in front of Telemedicine system. On the screen, patient family sitting with doctors who is
introducing the case to the director.

   In the case, Yun is from Qv Jing, Yunnan has pregnant 11 weeks. She has abscess on the paries posterior of pharynx during the
checking. Doctor decided to give a simply treatment, but patient situation became serious.

   Because of the operation, Yun got high fever, anhelation and leukocyte is increasing. The doctors could not give any proper
treatment and test to this pregnant lady, and her situation can’t be waiting, either. Till then, Telemedicine is the only way to
change it.

   Director Zeng viewed all medical record, testing result and radiology report of the patient, then gave suggestion diagnosis
as: Critical condition. The patient must take antibiotics to stop infection, or it will be too risk for her life.

   Hospital accepted the suggestion and back into rescuing. The condition of patient had been controlled.

   Doctors don’t need to travel and it saved lots of money for patients.

   Yun’s husband feels unbelievable to ask an expert from Guangzhou for consultation cost 300 only. Information from hospital
said it will be the same price if they need more expert in the same consultation.

   Mr. Zhong said: We never think to invite an expert from Guangzhou. Because we have to worry about many things as expert
schedule, travel cost, living cost and etc. It will be cost thousands or even more than ten thousand.

   The doctors who have to diagnosis in other city felt difficult to arrange time and the most of time and energy were lost on
the way. In fact, there would be more patients were delayed. Now, we have Telemedicine in the hospital, doctors only have to do
is finish the operation, walk into the Telemedicine room and give consultation. Director Zeng said: It brings me more sense of

   There is not only the experts from 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University provide Telemedicine services. We use it
as a platform to find any expert whom is patient mentioned in whole Guangzhou Province.

   1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University accepted more than 210 Telemedicine cases and more than 50 Tele-education
lessons in one year with the Telemedicine system.

   There are 180 hospitals constructed ‘Point-to-Point’ with 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University.

   The Ministry of Health selected high level hospitals to be the Telemedicine center hospital in different area. The 1st
Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University belongs to South China. It realizes ‘face to face’ diagnosis and collect full
package of patient information.

   The Assistant Dean, Chief Expert of Respiratory Medicine Xie Canmao was the 1st people who used Telemedicine system to
diagnosis a 76 years old patient in Dehong, Yunnan.

   Professor He Yulong from 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University said that the important surgery and treatment
processing can be broadcasted through Telemedicine system. It gives chances to so many normal doctors who can’t directly join
the processing.

   The key and essence of the Telemedicine is medical resource sharing. Hong Kong has better medical development. Patients’
record could be transferred within the system whichever the hospital they chose. Till 2006, there are 500 private clinic,
hospital and nursing home were covered with Telemedicine.

   The 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University has been connected with other center in Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Hainan
and so on. Inside Guangdong Province, There are 40 institutions are signatory and 7 are completed. The lower level hospital in
Nanxiong, Fengshun and Boluo, clinic in Shaoguan, Lecheng and so on connected with The 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan
University Telemedicine Center.

   The new module – Technical supports medical services

   The Ministry of Health leads the Telemedicine centers to support and radiation related institutions. In five years, the 1st
Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University supported more than 30 institutions. Zhongshan Hospital sent a medical team to
Huidong Hospital in 2003. It was 8 years supporting, said Wang Shengming. It takes long time and doctors have to travel for
education and training. Now, the hospital got 6 times OP and 3 times IP.

   At the same time, the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University has the responsibility to support provinces of Yunnan,
Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian and Tibet. It would send experts to those hospitals to improve their skills.

   The Secretary of the Party Committee Yan Rongchu said those institutions which we supported before are trying to processing
through Telemedicine system. All the medical institutions are connected with Telemedicine system as in Hong Kong, we could do it
as daily work.

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