Pro. Xiongzeng Zhu - Famous Pathology Expert Came to Yunnan SUNPA Telemedicine Center & Held Lecture

Time:2016/12/8 0:00:00   Source:山灞集团

Pro. Zhu, from Pathology Department in Affiliated Tumour Hospital of Fudan University, came to visit SUNPA Group – Yunnan Provincial Telemedicine Center and held lecture on 30th& 31st Jan.

The lecture included 2 parts:

1. To understand related questions of WHO classify of lung cancer, glandular cancer, squamous carcinoma, neuroendocrine neoplasm & malignant mesothe.

2. Difficult pathology slice discussion.

The lecture was for helping &enhance the diagnosis capability of pathology physician in rural hospitals, and with the latest principle & knowledge. The lecture was broadcasting through SUNPA Tele-conference system to all rural hospitals for saving plenty of manpower and material resources.

There were 200+ pathology physicians joined the lecture. Pro. Zhu brought latest principle, knowledge and experience of slice analysis, which are great benefit for who works in rural hospitals.

Pro. Xiongzeng Zhu

The Affiliated Tumour Hospital of Fudan University

Professor, Chief Physician and doctoral supervisor in pathology.

He is expert in pathology neoplasia diagnosis, especially in the field of ML, bone and soft connective tissue tumor.

Vice director & committee member of pathology branch in China Medical Association (CMA), Director & committee member of lymphadenoma major in Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, standing committee member of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Vice President of Shanghai Anti-Cancer Association, Director of Shanghai clinical pathology quality control center, Deputy editor-in-chief of Chinese Journal of Pathology, Deputy editor-in-chief of Clinical & Experiment Pathology, Counselor of Diagnostic Pathology.

Pro. Zhu has been worked on pathology 30+ years with rich experience. He edited ‘Clinical Oncology Introduction’, ‘Malignant Lymphoma’, ‘Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor’ and ‘Pathology of Soft Connective Tissue Tumor’; He participated in writing 18 phymatology& pathology monograph, published 140+ research articles. He won 2nd prize of Shanghai Scientific & Technological, 2nd prize of Shanghai Medical Scientific & Technological and 3rd prize of State Education Commission Scientific &Technologcial.


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