Deputy Director Zhang Xiaoqiang from NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) of China and

Time:2013/8/2 0:00:00   Source:SUNPA Group

   Deputy Director Zhang Xiaoqiang from NDRC of China and Delegator from South Africa surveyed in SUNPA on 21st June, 2013. The companied people are Vice-governor He Duanqi - Yunnan Province, Deputy Director Jiang Xingming - General Office of the Provincial Government, Director Wang Xiliang - Yunnan DRC, Director Long Jiang from Yunnan Science and Technology Agency, Dong Baotong - Member of Kunming Standing Committee, Secretary of Party Committee in High-New Zone and Director of Management Committee, Deputy Mayor Yang Bi and Wang Chunyan – Kunming City, leaders from Kunming Ministry committee and Science and Technology Bureau.

   Leader of SUNPA reported enterprise economic development and target in different periods.

   Deputy Director Zhang Xiaoqiang affirmed performance of enterprise. He suggested that enterprise should improve in different area and pay close attention to any development chance. At last, he accepted the requirement from enterprise and gave the support.

   Deputy Director Zhang Xiaoqiang came to visit SUNPA Group during he joined the 7th National Bio-industry Congress which was held in Kunming.

   Deputy Director Lu Kewen – Management Committee of High-New Zone, principal people from General Management Department and office companied investigation.

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