SUNPA Medicenter HMIS(Hospital Management Information System)

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I. System Introduction
   The HMIS (Hospital Management Information System) is created to support administrator management in hospital. It will reduce workload; assist hospital management and leader decision, improving work efficiency, social benefit and economic efficiency for hospital.
   The HMIS has modules of: appointment, OPD billing, pharmacy, drug storage, function departments, IPD billing, doctor workstation, nurse workstation, finance, medical record management, system management and etc.

II. Modules Instructions
1. Registration and OP Billing Management System
Function Description:
(1).OP Registration System:
   ※Itsupports multiple patient identity as medical insurance, public expense and self pay.
   ※It supports multiple payments as cash and card.
   ※It provides detailed registration information. The operator can choose disease type, department, appointment number, doctor to generate registration information and print receipt.
   ※ Unregister: To unregister patient and process undo of disease type, department, appointment number, doctor, registration fee and related statistics.
   ※Searching: to search the elements as appointment number, unregister, patient, department, doctor schedule and so on.
   ※ OP billing accounting: accounting function can be processed account title, charge collectable and department accounting.
   ※ Patients statistics for OP and urgency department: statistics of workload.

(2).OP Billing System
   ※Itcan pick up registered patient ID and basic information. It supports multiple types of payment as cash and card.
   ※It links with drugs and treatment database.
   ※It can search items details of patient.
   ※It can process refunding and related patient information.
   ※OP and emergency billing accounting: accounting function can be processed account title, charge collectable and department accounting.

2. IP Billing Management System
IP system will realize processing of admitting, information modification, undo admitting, halfway accounting, discharging, discharging accounting and undo discharging. It also include the functions of report form accounting, searching and printing.

Function Description:
(1).Admitting Management
   ※ Admitting patient with basic information recording
   ※ Admitting appointment
   ※ Create home page of case
   ※ Patient admitting with medical insurance
   ※ Modification of admitted patient information

(2).Deposit Management
   ※ Deposit management and receipt printing
   ※ Daily accounting and print the list
   ※ Statistic deposit by different way and print it
   ※ Search deposit by different way and print it

(3).Discharging Management
   ※ Discharge different types of patients
   ※ Recall the discharged patients
   ※ Undo the discharging if the patient wouldn’t go

(4).IP Searching & Statistic
   ※ Searching patient information: search inpatient information and print it
   ※ Searching discharged information: discharged information, accounting information and halfway billing information
   ※ Searching statistic information of discharging by department, patient type and where the patient from

(5).Statistic Report of IP
   ※It supports functions of accounting title, charges collectable, department accounting, IP settle accounts and report viewing.
   ※ Read doctor order and computational costs
   ※It provides inpatient halfway settle accounts, discharge accounts and recalled accounting
   ※ Deposit limit alarm of patient
   ※ Patient cost querying: It provides cost list in details for patient
   ※ Arrearage and refund management
   ※It should satisfy different kinds of payment
   ※ Item input (without doctor and nurse workstation): The billing department could enter all items as testing, diagnosis, treatment, drug and counting the price.

3.Store Management System
System Description:
   The store management realizes to manage drug, medical material and equipment in and out. It has functions of warehousing, allocate & transfer, drug retreat, storage check, storage space management, purchase plan, report viewing, printing and maintain the basic data.
   ※ To enter and record item name, specification, batch number, price, manufacturer, supplier, packing unit, dispensing unit and other information
   ※ Automatic generate purchase plan and list processing
   ※ The functions of warehousing, price adjustment, allocate &transfer, check, breakage, lose and drug retreat
   ※ Warehousing for special drug
   ※ The daily, monthly and yearly settle accounting with function of proofreading
   ※ It can generate details of warehousing, checking, price adjustment, allocate& transfer, breakage & lose, and drug retreat
   ※ Any medical item can be tracked within details.
   ※ The accounting function could statistic analysis consumption and inventory
   ※ Forms are manually with signature of the operator
   ※ Basic maintain of items’ dictionary (ICD10)
   ※ It should provide management of drug period of validity, auto alarm and statistic numbers and price.
   ※ The special drug management for poison, narcotic, psychotropic, expensive, self made, imported and self pay drugs
   ※ The good position management. It should record storage location information
   ※ It provides purchase planning
   ※ Report viewing. It should include information of warehousing, allocate & transfer, retreat and checking
   ※ The management of manufacture, supplier, packing unit and dosage form
   ※ It provides information shielding and release function for stopped drug

4.Pharmacy Management System
System Description:
   It is a function module to control and query drug usage and inventory. It has functions of IP dispensing, OP dispensing, OP order query, drug query, dispensing query and so on.
   ※It can automatically get information as drug name, specification, batch, manufacture, source, dosage, property, and type
   ※It should separate and generate injection, tablet, transfusion, poison, narcotic and other types on prescription from doctor orders
   ※ The drug number management and statistic analysis for department and wards
   ※To query and print drug ex warehousing
   ※ It realizes inventory management and quantity alarm
   ※ It supports multiple pharmacy management system in a hospital
   ※ It supports drug dispending to outpatient
   ※ To confirm, decrease stock and statistic daily numbers of order for drug details from OP
   ※ To manage storage space
   ※ To manage multiple OP pharmacy

5.IP Doctor Workstation Management System
System Description:
   The system is used to input doctor orders after diagnosis.
System Function:
   It should collect following information
   ※ Patient basic information: Name, gender, age, IP number, department and bed number
   ※ Condition of diagnosis, illness, nursing level and cost
   ※ Doctor information: Department, name, occupation and consultation time
   ※ Cost information: Item name, specification, price, insurance type and quantity
   ※ Rational drug using information: Normal usage, dosage, price, function, indications, untoward effect and contraindication
   ※ Doctor order processing includes testing, examination, prescription, treatment, hygienic material, surgery, nursing, consultation, transferring and discharge. The testing or examination order should mark types of sample or position
   ※ It supports hospitals, department, ICD10 dictionary, order package, module and editing
   ※ The processing of doctor orders, which includes create, stop and cancel
   ※ The doctor can query information as IP information, lab result with contrast, order executive condition, prescription, patient spending and so on
   ※ The system can verify integrity of the input doctor order. The verified doctor order will generate drug requirement and processing form. The doctor name and order time will be recorded without changing
   ※ The doctors can input remark in the orders
   ※ The doctor order should be printed with standard format with signature blanks for operator and doctor. It signed to go into effect
   ※ It should account item price automatically and support insurance management
   ※ All information will be transferred to related department to keep order running.
   ※ To submit death report, communicable, chronic non-infectious disease report, pesticide poisoning report and occupational disease to prevention and health section. The medical cases should submit nosocomial infection report
   ※ It should support information searching

6.IP Nurse Workstation System
System Description:
   The system will process patient daily management, requesting a payment, print transfusion, drug dispending information searching. The main module is patient daily management. It includes functions of admitting, arrange bed, execute doctor orders, verify and modify patient medical cost.

System Function
System Function
Bed Management
   ※ The chart of beds service condition in the ward (It should display bed number, IP number, name, gender, age, diagnosis and illness)
   ※ Nursing level, chaperone and diet

Order Disposing:
   ※ To callout inpatient information automatically
   ※ To verify orders
   ※ To record vital sign and relevant project
   ※ To print and search prescription and classify them
   ※ To print and search doctor orders (oral, injection, transfusion and adjuvant therapy), injection record and label
   ※ To record all progress of order executing, time, result and executor. It should include the recording if order executed on time
   ※ To fill skin test result
   ※ Doctor order query
   ※ It supports order billing

Expense Management:
   ※Charging in nurse station (disposable material, treatment and so on), and support package template
   ※ To stop and cancel refund application
   ※ To search refund detail of patient in ward
   ※ To search and print inpatient daily cost list
   ※ To search arrearage patient list and print requisition
   ※ Patient expenses alarming
   ※ Drug retreat function
   ※ Adjustment function for beds, doctor in charge and nurse in charge
   ※ The function of patient transferring application

7.Functional Department Management System
System Description
   It’s the module to management patient adjuvant therapy, accounting and searching. It has functions of patient daily disposing, inpatient cost query and outpatient cost query.
System Function:
   ※ It can draw patient information by department, IP number and patient name
   ※ To input patient cost in the department
   ※ To verify patient cost which was input from nurse workstation
   ※ To view prescription cost in the department by patient name and invoice number
   ※ The filtering function as ‘To display department cost only’

8.Financial Department Inquire Management System
System Introduction:
   Financial Inquire Management System contains outpatient statement, inpatient statement, pharmacy statement, medical insurance statement. After inquire user can export or print inquired statement, export document format supports excel, PDF etc.
System Function:
   Outpatient statement: outpatient department statement, outpatient cost item statement, outpatient medication report, outpatient doctor statement, user can inquire data based on search criteria.
   Inpatient statement includes: inpatient department statement, inpatient cost statement, inpatient statement, inpatient doctor statement, inpatient medication statement, user can search based on search criteria include date, department, name of doctor or inpatient number.
   Warehouse Statement includes: warehouse invalid alarm statement, warehouse inventory statement, warehouse account, goods discrepancy statement, goods in and out statement, user can search based on different search criteria include date or department etc.
   Pharmacy statement includes: pharmacy account, total in and out statement, pharmacy inventory statistical statement, prescription statistical statement, doctor prescription statistical statement, user can query specific information based on searching criteria include date, department, or doctor name.
   Medical Insurance Statement include: total medical insurance cost table, detailed medical insurance cost table, detailed discharge table for inpatient, user can search based on different search criteria include date, medical insurance classification.

9.Health Record Management System
System Introduction:
   Health Record Management System is a comprehensive and model management system which will reduce or avoid economic hole because of the imperfection of the management system to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. On other side, this module uses conveniencetechnology to provide accurate hospital service and medical cost information, which will enhance service level to increase hospital competitive strength. More importantly, this system will help hospital leader to better understand the operation of each department respectively, greatly reduce human resource waste, enhance time utilization ratio. By using computer management to supply reliablestatistics  to assist management team to better manage the hospital. More, the most unique character of this model is the customized statistics report and unique statistics functions.  
System Function:
   Input patient admission number to retrieve patient’s information automatically Manipulation Menu.
   This menu includes the search and print of medical case quality control, record research of out bring EMR, patient information, EMR archiving status, medical case collection form etc.
   This module contains a powerful and comprehensive customized report form to search and print to avoid manual count statistics.
   Report Forms included are : discharge patient registration form, disease classification table, disease classification based on age, cost for certain disease, health care publish form, key indicator statistical table, discharge patient statistical table, medical wards region report, surgery operation statistical table, diagnosisaccord rate statistical form, key indicator return form, surgery classification table, disease cases, single disease statistical table, clinical pathway statistical table, outpatient registration dynamic statement and inpatient dynamic statement etc.
   This module contains administration and maintenance for disease code.

10.Hospital Infection-Control Management Hospital
System Introduction:
   This module is used for infected case registration, research and edits infection reports. System will automatically calculate disease danger level, infection rate, infection rate after treatment, print monitoring report and various statistics graphs and statement. This module can be used for adult and children ICU monitoring, also can be used for HRN monitoring, in other aspects, this module can make comprehensive statistics of antibacterial, drug monitoring, and environmental health etc.

11.Management System
System Introduction:
   System management module primarily focus on management of hospital and system basic information, includes hospital department information management, human resource management (human resource relocation, role management, prescription authorization management etc., ) , medication basic data management, cost item management, department authorization and personnelauthorization etc., it is the fundamental factors for hospital informatization construction.
   Includes department management module, enables department information maintenance and authorization.
   Includes human resource management functions, user can add department employee, also able to give authorization to personnel, edit prescription authorization to doctors, setting drug use right and write off user information.  
   Include cost item management function enables diagnosis& treatment information maintenance.  
   Include drug basic data management function enables data dictionary information maintenance.

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