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SUNPA Telemedicine Services

Time:2015/4/28 0:00:00   Source:SunPA Group

In 2 Years Financial Forecast of SUNPA Telemedicine is Up to $486 milion

Telemedicine Systems、Telemedicine Peripherals, Related Digital Devices -- $20.5milion

Medical information Software -- $109.5milion

Telemedicine Services -- $329milion

Telemedicine Education Services -- $27milion


Tele-digestive Medical Service

Tele-pneumology Medical Service

Tele-endocrinology Medical Service

Tele-hematology Medical Service

Tele-neurology Medical Service

Tele-urology Medical Service

Tele-cardiology Medical Service

Tele-cardiovascular Internal Medicine Service

Tele-OPD of Chinese Medicine Service

Tele-orthopedics Medical Service

Tele-neurosurgery Medical Service

Tele-urological Medical Service

Tele-chest Surgery Medical Service

Tele-cardiac Surgery Service

Tele-hepatobiliary Surgery Medical Service

Tele-general Surgery Service

Tele-dermatology Medical Service

Tele-radiology image reading Service

Tele-ultra sound diagnosis Service

Tele-pathological imagereading Service

Tele-outpatient & Emergency Treatment Category

Tele-outpatient service

Tele-expert consultation

Tele-emergency treatment

Tele-experts ward inspection

Tele-static Medical Image Diagnosis Category

Tele-cardiogram diagnosis

Tele-pathological image reading  

Tele medical image reading

Tele-motion Medical Image Diagnosis Category

Tele-cardiogram diagnosis

Tele-pathology diagnosis

Tele-ultra sound diagnosis

Tele-ophthalmology slit lamp microscope diagnosis, tele-ophthalmofundoscope diagnosis

Tele-medical image diagnosis

Tele-endoscope diagnosis

Tele-treatment Category

Tele-treatment supervision

Tele-intensive care

Tele-operation Supervision Category

Tele-operation supervision

Tele-consultation Category


Tele-expert consultation

Other services

Different Levels of Telemedicine Service for The General Public

Telemedicine VIP Service for Middle-high Class

Different telemedicine services that fits the need of foreign nationality, overseas Chinese and friends all of the world.