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SUNPA telemedicine Platform

Time:2010/3/28 0:00:00   Source:SUNPA Group

SUNPA telemedicine Networks
   SUNPA Products have been widely utilized in Africa and Southeastern Asia, in countries such as South Africa , Zambia, India, etc, to set up their own Telemedicine Networks.

[SUNPA telemedicine Networks]
   SUNPA has developed and integrated over 80 varieties of patented telemedicine, PACS and tele-education equipment and their accessories and over 100 types of hardware and software products for hospital use. It has also built a corresponding network for the use of these products.

   SUNPA has built four telemedicine centers, namely the Beijing Center, Shanghai Center, Guangzhou Center, and Kunming Center, which cover 8 provinces and municipalities, including Yunnan, Hainan, Shanxi and Guangdong, with a total population of over 200 million, a figure which makes the SUNPA net the biggest telemedicine network in the world.

   The company has in its talent pool over 6500medical specialists from America, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Kunming.

   It has also provided thousands of doctors with opportunities for on-line viewing of surgical operations and experiments conducted by experts.

   Through its telemedicine network, SUNPA has provided remote rural areas with medical care and access to pharmaceuticals, medical services and medical education.

   SUNPA is responsible for the “All-Counties Telemedicine Coverage Project” of Yunnan Province and is the Chinese partner in the Sino-African Telemedicine Project and the Sino-South-African Telemedicine Project. These projects are now producing good results.

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